Mark Dorison

So When’s Your Last Day??

Saying Goodbye #

After three memorable years, today is my last day at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. I am leaving to take on new adventures; read: self-employed.

What I Will Miss #

The people; never have I been surrounded by a more dedicated, passionate group. Whether it was those I had the pleasure of leading, working beside or reporting to, it was a great thrill working next to them every day and I will miss this group tremendously. In technology, there is always more to do, but I believe that the team is in much better shape now then when I joined it in 2009, and I hope I can claim some small part of that transformation.

Not to mention, working at Martha Stewart was always a good conversation starter. It made a tech conversation approachable to those whose eyes would glaze over when anyone would otherwise say, “I’m a software developer,” and would of course always lead to interesting questions about the boss. If we have a beer together I will share some stories, of course, that's just like any job.

Say You Don’t Know, And Then You Learn Everything #

I’ve always said that I would not be fulfilled in my work if I wasn’t learning something new every day, and I have learned plenty during my time at MSLO. Most of all, I think I have learned a great deal about myself; how to lead, how to manage, how to plan, how to succeed, and how to fail. Most of all, I have learned that I have a lot more to learn. When I was weighing the pros and cons of striking out on my own, the biggest reason I had not to go was that I was afraid to fail. I decided, that would be a terrible reason to stay.

What’s Next #

I will focus on some personal projects including City Notes, which I founded in 2012 with writer Dan Frommer, as well as taking on some challenging client work. If you are interested in my services, please do reach out to me at arkic.

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